Villas Rosas was established in 1992 as part of the AB Group to manage newly constructed compound facilities. The properties it managed quickly established a reputation as being among the most desirable residential communities in which to live and maximize the value and earnings of the holdings for its owners. As the company developed, its portfolio of managed properties and the services offered continued to grow and change, staying ahead of market trends and firmly establishing Villas Rosas as a leader in property and facilities management. 

Villas Rosas is a full-service property and facilities management company specializing in residential properties with capabilities to service additional property sectors such as office, retail and medium size business facilities. It delivers value to property owners through its focus on high-level customer service, superior business systems, support capabilities, service lines, and market knowledge, along with quality people.


Villas Rosas’ compounds are fully landscaped and laid out as properly planned townships with internal roadways, pavement and street lighting. A professionally managed programmed of environmental services, including regular cleaning and pest control, together with round-the-clock security and maintenance to guarantee our residents unparalleled comfort and safety.


Our properties also feature customized amenities to suit the culture, leisure, entertainment, food style, and shopping needs of cosmopolitan western tenants communities.

It is no surprise that Westerners occupy our residences. Villas Rosas caters to their needs, creating a hospitable living atmosphere that boasts the traditional Arabic Hospitality towards guests in a modernized setting equipped with the latest technologies to make life easy and enjoyable.


Interested in family swimming or a personal workout at the gym? How about a sauna or hangout with your buddies by the restaurant? We understand that we all have different idea of unwinding after hard days of work and we do our best to give you a quality lifestyle experience during your stay with us.


Villas Rosas benefits from the shared strengths and synergies of its parent and sister companies at the AB-Group. The relationship with the AB Group requires accountability and responsibility on the part of Villas Rosas to the benefit and service of its customers.

Currently own 196 units at three (3) separate compounds in suburban Riyadh locations.

(Al-Wadi, Delta 1, and Riyadh Star), each compound offers a high level of services and amenities catering to families and individuals in a welcoming community environment. While the construction and location of the compounds is superior, the focus on customer satisfaction and service determines increased value, resulting in low customer turnover and maximized occupancy levels.

Capabilities, Resources & Skills:

Villas Rosas’ business model relies primarily on in-sourcing and maintaining internal capabilities in order to control the quality of services and maximize cost effectiveness. Our responsibility is to deliver value to property owners, as well as each individual customer and user of its services. Thus, ensuring the proper capabilities, resources, and skills to meet customer expectations, becomes an essential ingredient of our success.


  • Property and facilities management
  • Procurement and supply chain management
  • Utilities management
  • Security services
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Cleaning services
  • Retail outlet management
  • Transportation services
  • Residential recreation services

The properties managed by Villas Rosas are ‘communities’ in every sense. We offer comfort and convenience to their residents with an array of services provided within the compound. These include retail outlets managed by Villas Rosas, such as mini-markets, hair salons and restaurants. In addition, housekeeping, dry cleaning and babysitting services are available.

Villas Rosas provides recreation services and activities to enhance community living at its compounds. We include organized local tours, shopping trips, holiday celebrations, movie nights, lectures and seminars aimed at all ages.

Residents with small children at the Villas Rosas compounds have access to quality education through the Little Rosas Preschool. Staffed by highly qualified international teachers, the preschool promote early childhood skills development and socialization in a loving and caring environment. Parents are welcome to participate in school activities.

Villas Rosas understands safety and security comes first in the minds of its customers and residential clients. All properties managed by Villas Rosas are staffed by highly trained security guards. Gates are kept secure at a all times. All persons are required to undergo a security check before entering any of the compound premises. Roaming security guards conduct regular spot checks throughout the compounds both day and night. Security cameras offer surveillance of all public walkways, streets and perimeters at compound locations and can be viewed remotely by security supervisors via the web. 24 hour operators are on call to assist at any time. A second level of security is provided by National Guard and local police.

Villas Rosas maintains a fleet of buses and personal cars to service those living within it’s compounds. With regular bus service for school children and shopping outings, and personal drivers on request, compound residents are provided the utmost in convenience and safety to meet any transportation needs.

Property and facilities managed by Villas Rosas are done with the highest of international standards in mind. Villas Rosas’ discerning clientele are accustomed to living in premier residential communities. We expect proper continuous maintenance and fast and courteous response to their requests. Streets, sidewalks and shrubbery are well maintained at all times.

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