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The beneficial effects of spa bathing have been known for many years and those who have had the pleasure of using the spa have discovered a rejuvenating and revitalizing experience.  Experience the blissfully relaxing effects of our modern Jacuzzi at one of our Jacuzzis Luxuriating in warm, bubbling water is an unrivalled way of unwinding and chasing away the stresses of daily life.


  • Consult a physician prior to using the Jacuzzi units.  Jacuzzis can be life treating if you have a history of high blood pressure, heart trouble.

  • Consult physician prior to your children using said units, for Jacuzzis may be injurious to the health of your children.

  • Swimsuits must be worn-No street clothes.

  • Parents shall be responsible for and must chaperon their children, under age 18, while they are using the sauna or Jacuzzi.

  • No child under 10 is permitted in the Jacuzzi.

  • All Persons must shower prior to using the sauna or Jacuzzi.
  AB-Group proudly presents the Dar'iyya Hills Residential Project. This 1500-unit luxury urban development residential project is located in the outskirt of Riyadh. The master plan in the outskirt of Riyadh. The master plan consists of large and small residential compound plots revealing the most dazzling view of emerald basin with artificial lake and water falls.  
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