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Villas Rosas compounds feature attractive playgrounds for the younger crowds. Located centrally in each compound our playgrounds help bring kids together to meet new friends.


Playground injuries are the leading cause of injuries to children aged 5 – 14.   It is estimated that more than 40 percent of playground injuries are related to inadequate supervision.  Therefore it is strongly recommended that residents accompany their children to the playground.  Adult presence is needed to watch for potential hazards, observe, intercede and facilitate play when necessary. Strings on clothing or ropes used for play can cause accidental strangulation if caught on equipment.

In order to keep our playground safe and the equipment looking new and in good working order, the following playground rules are applied to its use:
  • Equipment is generally available during daylight hours and dry weather conditions only.

  • Proper footwear is required and no loose clothing especially with strings should be worn. Clothing is not to be tied on bars and/or used as support.

  • Adult supervision is recommended for children under 6.

  • No food, drinks or gum, except water are allowed in the playground.

  • No pets of any kind are allowed in the playground.

  • No ropes of any kind are allowed in the playground.

  • Children may not wear roller skates, roller blades or bring skateboards, balls, or Frisbees onto the playground.

  • Games that involve any tackling, tagging, pushing, shoving, grabbing, pulling, knocking down, tripping, throwing, or, climbing or jumping on one another are not allowed on the playground.

  • Playground equipment is for all children. They should take turns and share the equipment.

  • All children are expected to play cooperatively with other children.

  • Use playground equipment for their proper purposes only.

  • No jumping off high from any climbing bar or platform.

  • Slide Rules:
    • Climb the ladder and go down the slide one at a time;
    • Go down in a sitting position, feet forward;
    • Wait until the person before you finish the sliding first;
    • No running or climbing up the slides;
    • Absolutely no fancy tricks.

  • Swing Rules:
    • No spinning or twirling.
    • Hold chain with both hands.
    • Slow down if swing begins to bounce.
    • Do not interfere with others who are swinging.
    • Share. (Count to 200 slowly to change.)
    • Swing only forward and backward.
    • Do not climb poles.
    • Do not walk between swings.
    • Do not wind up the swing chains.
    • Swing one person at a time.
    • Do not jump out of the swings.
    • Do not hold onto other swings.

  • Surfaces may be HOT – footwear is strongly recommended
  AB-Group proudly presents the Dar'iyya Hills Residential Project. This 1500-unit luxury urban development residential project is located in the outskirt of Riyadh. The master plan in the outskirt of Riyadh. The master plan consists of large and small residential compound plots revealing the most dazzling view of emerald basin with artificial lake and water falls.  
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