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Dar'iyya Hills Residential Project

Dirriyah Project is a luxury residential development in a suburb of Saudi Arabia 's capital, Riyadh . The property is located in the Northwest suburbs of Dirriyah and it consists of approximately 4.3 million square meters. The property's unique topography differs from the flat and sandy environment in the surrounding area, which gives this particular land the essence of a resort. Considering these unique physical attributes, the development is suitable named Dirriyah Oasis Resort ("DOR") The development is targeting upper-middle class and wealthy Saudis and is open to qualified expatriates. It will include 600 individual parcels for residential units (villas) in addition to common elements. The design uses the natural landscape for the creation of open areas and parks. The development will connect to the public utilities and will include its own water treatment plant and reuse of the discharged water for the irrigation of the expansive landscape.


  AB-Group proudly presents the Dar'iyya Hills Residential Project. This 1500-unit luxury urban development residential project is located in the outskirt of Riyadh. The master plan in the outskirt of Riyadh. The master plan consists of large and small residential compound plots revealing the most dazzling view of emerald basin with artificial lake and water falls.  
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