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Villas Rosas Rules & Regulations


  • Residents may employ a domestic helper/servant/driver.
  • Residents must fill out and submit the following documents to the Compound Office:
    • Domestic Helper Registration Form
    • Photocopy of Iqama
    • No objection letter from sponsor/employer
    • 2 photographs

    • Upon Management approval of the Domestic Helper Registration Form a Villas Rosas Pass ID will be issued to the domestic helper.  This ID must be presented upon request to Villas Rosas Security.  
      Domestic Helpers not carrying the Villas Rosas Pass ID will not be allowed on the compound for security reasons.

  • Maids, drivers and other domestic staff are not allowed the use of the pool, recreation or restaurant facilities unless accompanied by sponsor residents or attending to children of residents.

For enquiries, please contact the Security Department at 48-1139 x650.



  • Each resident is allowed to invite guests into their home.  Residents must fill out a Guest Registration Form for security reasons and forward it to the gate. These forms are available at the gate and at the Recreation Office.

  • Residents wishing to invite more than 8 guests at one time are to fill out a Function Request Form for security reasons. This form must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance to the Recreation Department. This form is available at the Recreation Office.

  • Villas Rosas Security will only admit guests to the compound registered on a Guest Registration Form or Function Request Form.

  • All visitors must submit proper identification including a valid Iqama or Passport. Photocopies are not acceptable.

  • Security will only permit guests into the compound after telephone verification or personal presence of the individual is verified. If the security is not able to locate the resident, then the guest will be denied entry.

  • Guests are required to wear visitor identification cards at all times while inside the compound.

  • Compound residents are responsible for the conduct of any visitor they sponsor onto the compound and must adhere to the following:

  • Visitors do not have unlimited access while on the compound and must be escorted by the sponsor at all times.

  • Guests attending Resident Social Events must limit their movements strictly to the location of the event.

  • Upon concluding a visit, visitors are required to proceed directly to the compound gate and return all visitor passes at the Security Gate.

  • Residents are allowed to invite two adult guests per resident when visiting public areas and facilities inside the compound.

  • Any and all damage caused by any visitor will be charged to the resident that sponsors the visitor.

Residents wishing to invite guests for extended stays of 2 days or more  are to fill out an Extended Stay Guest Visit Form available at the Main Gate and at the Al-Wadi Recreation Office.

Visitors must adhere to Guest Policy for extended stays.


  • Residents are required to obtain permission from the Compound Office before bringing any domestic pets into the Compound.

  • Domestic pets should be registered at the Compound Office and proof of valid vaccination including a current rabies vaccination and inoculation certificates must be provided.

  • All pets must wear collars with their villa number on it. Do not put collars on to stray cats!

  • All cats, which are brought into the compound, are allowed in on the understanding that they are indoor cat a live inside his villas using a cat litter box. Cats should be preferable neutered or spayed.

  • Dogs should be walked on a leash.  Residents must clean up after "accidents".

  • The Compound Office has the right to exclude a domestic pets from the Compound if they are considered a nuisance, dangerous to other residents, or do not have the required vaccinations or inoculations.

  • Pet owners understand that they run the risk of having to remove the pet if a pet is not properly controlled or becomes a nuisance.
General nuisances are defined as follows:
  • Loud and continuous barking or irritating noises.
  • Defecation or urination to create a sanitary problem or offensive condition.

For enquiries, please contact the Housing Department at  488-1139 x 604.



  • Photography is strictly prohibited at all VRC faculties without prior approval of the Recreation Manager.

  • It is forbidden to take any pictures (photo, video, DVD, cell phone, etc) of the following:

  • Security Staff Villas Rosas Compound, National Guard personnel or local authorities at the check-points.

  • Entry and Exit points, Military posts at Villas Rosas Compound

  • Road barriers, fortification and boundary walls of Villas Rosas Compounds

  • Photographs that can have security implications for Villas Rosas

  • If unauthorized pictures are taken at Villas Rosas, the management reserves the right to confiscate the recording equipment until they remove any and all unauthorized recordings.

For enquiries, please contact the Recreation Department at  486-5128 x 248.



  • No loud or disruptive behavior so as not to bother other guests in the recreation area.

  • No cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading is allowed in the following areas:
    • Recreation building
    • Pool Area
    • Walkway near the Supermarket

  • No climbing or hanging over any rails.
  • No walking on any flower beds.

Parents are kindly requested to go over the above mentioned rules with their children.  Following these rules will help keep Villas Rosas Estates a safe area for children.



Villas Rosas Management acknowledges the right of Tenant to entertain friends and to have parties and guests. Tenant, members of Tenant's family and guests shall at all times maintain order in their Villa and at all places on the grounds, and shall not make or permit any loud, improper or boisterous conduct or otherwise disturb the comfort or interrupt the sleep of other residents. All radios, television sets, music systems, or any other appliances or items which may cause noise, etc. must be turned down to a level of sound that does not annoy or interfere with other residents. Villas Rosas Management's definition of a part is one villa or apartment having 8 guests or more present in their villa.

  • All parties must be registered and approved of by Villas Rosas General Manager.  Function application forms are available at the Recreation Department. Parties not listed on the Security Manifest are subject to being shut down.

  • The maximum number of allowed guests at a registered party is 150.  Residents wishing to invite more than 150 must submit their request to the manager for pre-approval at least 2 days before the event.

  • Music must be turned down to an acceptable volume at 11:00 pm at the event so as not to disturb other residents.

  • Any Villa receiving more than one noise complaint will have the party shut down.

  • Open parties are not allowed. This means that all guests must be invited. Flyers inviting the general public are not allowed. If you are caught distributing this type of invitation, you will be contacted and discussion of eviction proceedings will be initiated.

  • Residents must instruct their guests to strictly limit their movement on the compound to the location of the event.

  • You are responsible for your guests’ behavior. Residents will take full responsibility for the event and all those in attendance. The cost of repairing any damage caused by you or your guest will be your financial responsibility.

  • Failure to comply with any of these policies or failure to be responsible for your guests will result in residents' party privileges being revoked.

  • Villas Rosas reserves the right to stop any party.


Villas Rosas Driving and Parking Regulations are designed to promote the safe and orderly movement of traffic within the boundaries of Villas Rosas Compounds. Please observe the following rules for safety and security.

  • Drivers are requested to drive slowly and carefully on the right side of the road.

  • For resident safety, and safety of children, the compound has in force a strict speed limit of 15 km per hour when driving within the compound.

  • Additionally children under the age of 18 ages are not permitted under any circumstances to operate a motor vehicle within the compound premises.   Parents of the children caught driving will be cited for breaking compound regulations.  Residents receiving two warnings regarding this matter will be asked to leave the compound.  Harshness on this issue protects residents.

  • In accordance with the laws that govern that Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Accordingly women are strongly advised against operating a motor vehicle on the compounds.  Any person involved in an infraction or accident will be subject to all Saudi laws and statutes.

  • No parking is allowed along the FIRE HYDRANTS at all times.

  • All roads within the Villas Rosas Compounds are considered fire lanes and must be kept unobstructed and available to emergency response vehicles at all times.  Please park your car in your allocated parking space, and not on the street. Parents are kindly requested to remind children not to park, store or leave a bicycle in such a manner as to block or otherwise impede normal traffic within the compounds

  • Residents are kindly requested to park within the yellow parking lines at Delta 1 & Delta 2 Compounds so that vehicles may pass with ease.

  • Drivers are to drive in a clockwise fashion around the Delta 2 Compound to avoid confusion and accidents.  Drivers are kindly requested to drive in a clockwise fashion around the Delta 2 Compound.   This means that upon entering Delta 2 drivers should make their first left in order to enter and leave the compound.  This will create less confusion and help to avoid accidents. Additionally drivers are requested to please drive at a speed of 10 Kilometers per hour or less to ensure the safety of all children and adults within the compound.

Lost and Found

Any found items are to be turned into the compound gate.  The compound operator will then contact the Recreation Department and inform them of any found items. These items will be listed in the Villas Rosas Gazette. Recreation will also post a notice on the compound bulletin boards.  After 3 months any unclaimed items will be disposed of.  For enquiries, please contact the Recreaion Department at  486-5128 x 248.

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