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Villas Rosas Transportation Services
Safeguarding Villas Rosas residents' security is our paramount, with that in mind now we have introduce fleets of cars, vans and buses to provide comfortable and secure services to our residents.

P.S. For security reason it is prohibited to allow private taxi into the compound.

Reservations can be made calling the Wadi-1 Telephone Operator at 486-5128 x0 or call tranportation Office at x242. As there are a limited number of vehicles, and as requests are handled on a first come, first serve basis we recommend that you book at least 24 hours in advance.

Limousine Rates
Hourly Rate   Airport One Way  
Drop off in Riyadh 35 Sr Car 80 Sr
Drop off & Pick in Riyadh 70 Sr Van 90 Sr
Waiting per hour 20 Sr Coaster 110 Sr

Please make cash payments to the driver. Thank you! Please note a cancellation fee of 25.00 SR will be assessed if cancellation is made less than 3 hours prior to the original booking.

Villas Rosas offers Shopping Bus service to the various malls and shopping areas in Riyadh. A Monthly Shopping Bus schedule is sent out to each resident at the beginning of each month. Residents are welcome to submit Shopping Bus requests. Residents wishing to utilize the Shopping Bus Service should contact their compound operator to book their place on the shopping bus.

Time Morning Shopping Schedule Afternoon Shopping Schedule Evening Shopping Schedule
Departs Bus leaves at approximately 9:00 am. Bus leaves at approximately 3:45 pm Bus leaves at approximately 7:00 pm
Returns 11:30 am 6:30 pm 9:30 pm

Please check the Monthly Shopping Bus Schedule for  exact timings.

Shopping Bus Guidelines

  • The Villas Rosas shopping bus is a complimentary service.

  • Residents are requested to phone the gate and inform the operator that they wish to go on the shopping trip at least one hour in advance. This will enable the Transportation Department to allocate the appropriate number of shopping buses. Ladies are to requested to inform the operator if they will be taking a trolley.

  • Passengers are to adhere strictly to the scheduled departure and return times.  The driver will depart at the allocated timings.  Anyone left behind will be responsible to secure their own transportation back to the compound.

  • Shoppers are requested to keep shopping bags on the floor or the jump seats so as to leave passenger seats free for passengers.

  • Villas Rosas would like to remind ladies that the local supermarkets provide shopping buses free of charge.  Supermarket bus schedules are listed on the Shopping bus schedules. 

Villas Rosas Shuttle Bus service is available to transport residents between Al-Wadi, Delta 1 & Delta 2, and Star Compounds. The purpose for providing this service is to enable residents of each compound to use the other compound facilities and participate in activities on other compounds. This service is available Saturday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 11:30 and from 3:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Please book in advance.


The local supermarkets offer complimentary Shopping Bus services. Please contact the Villas Rosas Recreation Department for more information at 486-5128 x 248.

Villas Rosas School Bus Program

Villas Rosas provides transportation to and from the major schools throughout Riyadh, provided it is included in your housing contract. All School Bus Transportation Requests must be filled in and processed by May 15 for transportation for the upcoming school year to ensure that your child receives a space on the bus. These forms are available at the Recreation Office in Villas Rosas Recreation Building at Al-Wadi Compound. Please contact Villas Rosas Recreation for further information at 486- 5128 x 248.


  AB-Group proudly presents the Dar'iyya Hills Residential Project. This 1500-unit luxury urban development residential project is located in the outskirt of Riyadh. The master plan in the outskirt of Riyadh. The master plan consists of large and small residential compound plots revealing the most dazzling view of emerald basin with artificial lake and water falls.  
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